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First, download the 3D space of CogInfoCom. Then load the pack of the selected lecture below. Each pack has a guiding in the space - you may just press page down / up.

3D space of CogInfoCom:

  1. Gabriella Kiss, Veronika Takács and Viktor László Takács: “János Arany’s Meeting with Harry Potter”
  1. Ingo Schmitt, Ronald Römer, Günther Wirsching and Matthias Wolff: “Data Modeling using Concepts of Quantum Mechanics”
  1. Katalin Bubnó and Viktor László Takács: “The mathability of word problems as initial computer programming exercises”
  1. László Czap and Lu Zhao: “Phonetic Aspects of Chinese Shaanxi Xi’an Dialect”
  1. Marián Hudák, Štefan Korečko and Branislav Sobota: “On Architecture and Performance of LIRKIS CAVE System”