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1st International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications was held in Tokyo, between 28-30 November, 2010. Call for papers can be downloaded below.

Call for Papers

Click on picture to access the Call for Papers and Call for Demonstrations

Goal of Workshop

We would like to discuss the scientific content of CogInfoCom (what exactly it should deal with and where its boundaries lie), as well as the possibilities for its future development as a research field, based on the various aspects represented by the scientific backgrounds of the participants.

We would like to create a committee of professors who would agree to support the creation of CogInfoCom and would be willing to actively help guide the future developement of this new disclipline by working to expand it through their own research achievements, as well as by helping to organise a future series of scientific conferences within the field.

We would like to hold the first conference as part of this new conference series.

Proposed definition of CogInfoCom

In press: Download here


Download the Final Program from here.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is 20 000 Yen. On site payment and registration is required


Professors from various scientific fields, whose fields may contribute to CogInfoCom, and who are willing to volunteer in the creation of CogInfoCom and the periodical dissemination of results within this field.

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